Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is one of our newest services we offer and we are thrilled to bring this exciting technology to our area. This amazing device allows us to use radar pulses to geophysical map and image the subsurface of any surface area using the reflected pulse echoes from subsurface objects. This allows us to identify the location of covered utilities easily and in a nondestructive way registering both metallic and non-metallic objects and is also capable of detecting disturbed soil and material conditions and other buried structures that typically need to be plotted for infrastructure design beforehand and finding items and utilities that need to be found or avoided. This tool is perfect for mapping out sites and closely placed utility installations. and verifying the existence of things that should not be damaged or you need access to without unnecessary work to find; making any job site safe, efficient and cost effective against any unwanted surprises.

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